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If you’re in a car accident and need help, who do you call? A-Star Roadside and Wrecker Service is available all day and night for fast arrival anywhere you are in Alachua, FL! With response times that far exceed customers’ expectations and reasonable prices for all types of vehicles, we are known around town as the place to go when something goes wrong in the middle of the road.

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Our mission is to offer affordable, high-quality towing. No job is too big or too small when it comes to pulling your vehicle out of snow drifts this winter thanks to a skilled staff that has received professional training in all services provided. Contact us immediately!

It’s important to take into account aspects including experience, reputation, and availability when selecting a towing firm. You should pick A-Star Roadside and Wrecker Service since it has a reputation for offering dependable and company has a strong. You can contact us whenever you need help because we are open every day.

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A light duty towing service is the most practical and secure choice if you need to transport a small vehicle. A-Star Roadside and Wrecker Service is a trusted towing business that you can count on to get roadside assistance and towing services day and night for your convenience.

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With our medium-duty towing service, you can rest assured that your RV or Motorhome will be well taken care of. We have the most modern equipment for any type of tow problem. Plus, you are entitled to only high-quality services, which is why we work hard every day to provide them at all times.

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To fulfill your heavy-duty towing demands, we provide a variety of services through our expert heavy-duty towing service. Towing, flatbed towing, heavy-duty lift, or wheel lift towing are some examples. Throughout, day and night, our highly qualified staff will be happy to help you with your heavy-duty towing needs. Contact us right away for a free estimate. We can also provide you with the most precise ETA.

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If you need trustworthy roadside assistance, go no further than our staff! We’ll make every effort to help you and your car get back on the road. Whenever you call us for assistance, our qualified mechanics are on call day and night to provide roadside assistance.

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For more than 6 years, the community has benefited from the excellent towing services offered by A-Star Roadside and Wrecker Service. To guarantee that there are no delays in the return to normalcy following a tragedy, our staff promises to provide above and above service for all of your car needs. To that end, we promise to act promptly while still providing the best quality of service.


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Your feedback is what enables us to continuously enhance our offerings and satisfy the demands of our loyal towing and roadside assistance customers.

Logan Dillon


"A-Star Roadside and Wrecker Service has the most courteous and professional tow personnel, and the pricing was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this towing company. "


"The driver arrived promptly even though I called late at night. The driver also lets me ride with him and even drops me at home while my vehicle stays in the mechanic shop. Many thanks again! "

Liam Aston

Maxtor Lawson


"I had a positive experience with A-Star Roadside and Wrecker Service when I needed assistance with a wheel lift towing. They deserve a 5/5 stars!"

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If you ever find yourself in a scenario where your car is in danger, don’t panic! Our group is here to assist. Call us right away for a free estimate, and we’ll tow your car if necessary.

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